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Amarant pictures present
short film
Кинокомпания Амарант представляет художественный фильм СПРИНТ


Produsers — Aleksey Fursenko, Yury Sysoev
Written and Directed — Yury Sysoev
Director of photography — Aleksey Fursenko
Cast: Anton Buglak, Miroslava Karpovich,
Aleksander Fursenko, Zoya Kaidanovskaya, Aleksey Fateev,
Irina Romanyk, Aleksey Fursenko, Konstantin Cherkasov



Maxim is an ordinary guy with a big dream to write the novel. This dream is haunting his mind, originating in his heart, but in a hectic of daily routine it is hard for him to find time to work on the book. His life was consumed by his girlfriend, his friends, work and responsibilities, day after day, month after month. As a result in seven years of dreams he only managed to write a couple of lines. But all things change when Maxim learns that in 30 days he will die...

Written and Directed


He graduated from "Institute of the Modern Art" in 2007. Workshop of Popov P. G. Acting and directing Department

As a Director worked for the Russian TV channels:
STS, Russia 2, NTV, TV3, 7TV

Founder and General producer of the film company "Amarant pictures"

One of the television projects - show «GALILEO» on STS channel. Winner of national awards «TEFI»

He is as the author the prize-winner of the most prestigious dramaturgic competition of Russia and CIS "Characters" at "School of the Modern play" in 2013 for the stage play "Rusty Boat"

Director of photography and producer


Graduated from Russian state University of cinematography named after S. Gerasimov (VGIK) in 2007. Workshop Batalov, A. V.

A working actor of the Moscow theater of Vladimir Mayakovsky

As the operator worked for the Russian TV channels: STS, NTV, TV3, 7TV

Founder and General producer of the film company "Amarant pictures"

Laureate accepted public recognition prize "Family of Russia" in the nomination "the Russian Saga" for the service of theatrical and cinima art. The award was given in the Kremlin, Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian President.


Anton Buglak

The actor of the «Theatre of Satire». Moscow
He graduated from the Theater school B. Shchukin, course of Lubimtsev in 2013.


Miroslava Karpovich

Actress of theatre and cinema.
At 2006 graduate of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre
Nemirovich-Danchenko (MHAT),
workshop Zemtsova and Zolotovitskiy


Aleksandr Fursenko

The actor of academic Moscow «Taganka theatre».
In 2005 he graduated from RATI (GITIS). Workshop Yury Lyubimov.


Alexey Fateev

The actor of the Moscow theater of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Graduated from the Kharkov state
University of arts, acting faculty (course E. V. Lysenko)


Zoe Kaidanovsky

The actress of the Moscow theater of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Zoe is the daughter
of a Soviet actor Alexander Kaidanovsky, which played a major role
in the legendary film by Andrey Tarkovsky "Stalker".

Technical specifications
Title: «Sprint»
language: Russian
subtitles: English
aspect ratio: 16:9
video format: HD, DVD, MOV, DCP
sound: Stereo ( Director's cut version 5.1)
running time: 29 minutes
the average timing version: 34 minutes
the timing of the Director's cut version 39 minutes

Contacts: amarant-pro@mail.ru amarant-pictures.com/kino +7916 954 12 40 +7926 270 88 28



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