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The first ever feature film about
healthy lifestyles and Street Workout



Producers: Alexey Fursenko, Yury Sysoev
Director and Screenplay: Yury Sysoev
Director of photography: Alexey Fursenko
Executive Producer: Konstantin Cherkasov
Cast: Mihail Baratov, Arseny Gusev, Irina Romanyuk, Alisher Zhumaev,
Andrey Filatov, Vjacheslav Kovalev, Vladimir Guskov, Miroslava Karpovich,
Maria Fursenko, Dmitry Svirin, Artem Mosin-Shepachev,
Konstantin Cherkasov, Yury Sysoev, Alexey Fursenko jr.



Russia. It's Friday night. Ordinary city yard.
Everyone is preparing to celebrate the weekend.
Some are going to the party in the club, others were
drinking beer in the transition, and the girls
something to note on the bench.
But a guy named Misha is not interested in all this.
He's purposefully going somewhere, ignoring everyone.
What is wrong with Misha?


The first ever feature film about street sport and Street Workout. Street sports engaged millions of people around the world. In Russia hundreds of thousands of young people choose to work out on the training bar instead of going out to nightclubs. They participate in competitions and improve their body and spirit. But, unfortunately, many of them are faced with lack of understanding of others. One of our street athletes, the film "Outcast".

The Department of moral films

"Outcast" is the first movie in the framework of the project
the Department of Moral films, whose task will be the production of films
promoting spiritual and moral values. Sports, family, healthy lifestyle,
ethical and moral purity – these are the goals of the Department.

Technical specifications
Title: «Outcast»
language: Russian
subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian
aspect ratio: 16:9
video format: 4K, 2K, DVD, MOV, DCP
sound: Stereo
running time: 18 min.
Year of release: 2017

Contacts: amarant-pro@mail.ru amarant-pictures.com +7916 871 30 79 +7916 114 24 86



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